“The former Director of National Intelligence’s candid and compelling account of the intelligence community’s successes–and failures–in facing some of the greatest threats to America”

I am still not even close to the halfway point of this book (05/24). As James Clapper is being mentioned in the media and his integrity is questioned, it is interesting to read his story.

Just as with James Comey, James Clapper is a highly qualified individual who has served his country with distinction. From his time in signal intelligence to his rise in the intelligence community, it is reflective of how one’s experiences shapes one, he admits to mistakes he’s made, lessons he’s learned and how they impacted his actions and decisions.

One other common factor I have noticed in these men of great achievements is how much they rely on their partners to cope and deal with the responsibilities that they bore. He speaks fondly of his Wife Sue Clapper and how they dealt with the constant moving and the pressures of his job.

He talks through how the military and intelligence community struggled with desegregation, equality and work place bureaucracy. how intelligence services evolved during the cold war and after. He also speaks on the conflicts with North Korea while he was stationed close to the demilitarized zone, the first Iraq war and the pitfalls of not having a coordinated effort among the intelligence services.

There are more than a few controversial events that have taken place in Director Clappers tenure as the Director of National Intelligence. I hope to read through his explanations on them.

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