It’s always awkward writing about oneself. But, I will try my best to do so here.

Born and raised on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, now, I call the USA my home and my close friends here, family. Growing up, my father and I used to watch CNN International (There’s a very difference between CNN USA and CNN International) and BBC news as our pastime. It’s not that I didn’t spend my fair share of time watching The Thunder Cats, Bucky O’Hare or The Wonder Years. With only 6-7 channels available in the nineties in Sri Lanka, CNN and BBC news was on all the time. This I believe, is how I became a news junkie and what gave me a sense of a greater world out there.

Growing up, I was never sure of myself. I never found my place in my small world as a teenager or have any direction on what I wanted to do with my life. A common theme for many teenagers. But I believed I had some great potential or destiny, and so I was very ambitious professionally, and believed hard work would get me there, and It did.

It was an opportunity and sheer circumstances that led to me leaving my home country to pursue an education in the US. Partly to be a rebel, to escape the shadow cast by my family and partly a sense of finding my place in the world. I completed college and postgraduate education, debt free, by working through college and sacrificing a regular college life. My undergraduate degree was in computer information system and my postgraduate degree in business administration. My expertise in Information Technology is currently in cloud technology and infrastructure architecture.

As ambitious as I was, life has taught me how little job titles, the number of hours you put in at work and your bank account balance means to the actual quality of life. So now, I am more reflective and deeply conscious of my motives and actions as I charter a more meaningful course through this life.

This blog is my attempt at sharing my experiences, thoughts and more importantly what I learn. So forgive me for any run on sentences, fragmented sentences or bad spelling, I might not catch and bear with me.

Unless sourced, all the content on this site is of my own opinions, which in most cases I try and back up with facts and sound logical argument. I have an open mind and would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have, about what I write or about myself.

I don’t hold any misconceptions, on a false sense of riotousness, or biases, on the views I might have. I, just like everyone else, is attempting to understand and interpret the world around me and share my experiences and thoughts.

A close friend once told me that whenever faced with a challenge in life, that you have very little or no control over, all you should endeavor to do is continue to do what’s right and what’s good and work toward making a positive change in others lives. I hope this site to be some reflection or attempt at that.

Thank you for reading,

Rav Salgado

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